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- a march demanding health for all

This signature campaign, initiated by the People's Health Movement and the International People's Health Council, is being endorsed by ordinary people from various walks of life and organisations, institutions, peoples associations and others working for a just world. We hope this campaign will catch the attention of the WHO, UNICEF, other UN bodies, social and political organisations, policy makers, governments and others. It is one more step towards making health for all a reality.

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I/ We demand the WHO, UNICEF, other UN organizations, governments, the international community and others reaffirm and implement the principles and strategies of Alma Ata.
I/ We endorse the Peoples Charter for Health.

25 years ago, World Health Organisation, the apex UN body dealing with health, promised Health for all by 2000 through a historic moment - The Alma Ata declaration.
25 years since the Alma Ata declaration, health for all by 2000 is not a reality.

Since the Alma Ata declaration in 1978, responses were promising. However, the spirit of Alma Ata and the idea of Health For All has been under attack by anti-health, anti-poor policies, reemerging and new diseases, new challenges and above all by efforts to put private profit over public health.

In the current international health crisis, it is more essential to reaffirm and implement the principles and strategies of Alma Ata.

Join this march on the Internet - THE MILLION SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN- to revive the principles and strategies of ALMA ATA.

Join this march to endorse the PEOPLE'S CHARTER FOR HEALTH, the largest consensus document on health (since Alma Ata and building on its foundations), endorsed during the PEOPLES HEALTH ASSEMBLY, a historic summit held in 2000.

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